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ZZZZZ Page One in BELDON, Western Australia for sale


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ZOO POO....$6.00
Come and visit the zoo and see how the animals poo in the funniest places! How do you doo-doo at the zoo? 'Kangaroos doo-doo while on the hop... Elephants doo-doo bigger than you. Plop! Rhinos doo-doo as they charge on by... Toucans doo-doo as they fly in the sky... But Charlie isn't like any of these animals - he poos in the loo! Includes toilet training tips!
Za-Za Zebra can't help feeling left out when Mum comes home with a new baby, in this book for prereaders by the creator of Maisy the mouse. After delayed meals, curtailed fun, and lots of "Later, Za-Za," the young zebra finally fusses "I want a hug now!" "Why don't you hug the baby?" asks Mum, and soon Za-Za begins to understand what's wonderful about having a little brother. A DVD comes with the book, featuring a short film of the story, narrated by actress Adjoa Andoh.