Electric Guitar Setups and Repair in BELDON, Western Australia for sale

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To have your equipment playing its best.
-----------------Guitar Services---------------
Restring $15 + strings
- includes cleaning, fret polish, fingerboard conditioning.
Guitar Service $50 + strings
- includes restring, cleaning, fret polish, fingerboard conditioning
-intonation adjustment, truss rod adjustment, string height adjustment, pickup adjustments, electrical test and secured fittings
Pickup replacement $25
-includes pickup height adjustment
Misc electronic replacement (potentiometer/switch/jack replacement ) $20
Custom switches $40
-includes mounting
available configurations are coil tap, series/parallel windings and phase reversal.
*guitar services may require restringing*
Amplifier and pedal services are also available
Pickups and drop offs only available for mornings and afternoons Monday to Friday but exceptions can be made.
*all replacement parts extra*